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Barre Grip Socks (x3 pairs)

Barre Grip Socks (x3 pairs)

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What's Included?

3 Pairs of socks

Free Online Workout Videos

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The Reformer Core Bands are a type of exercise equipment that is used in Pilates workouts.

The bands are usually attached to a Reformer machine but instead are attached to your feet or hands.

The bands are used to provide resistance as the user performs various exercises similar to a reformer machine.

Reformer bands are used to help strengthen and tone the muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and increase overall body awareness.

They can be used to target specific muscle groups or to work the body as a whole.


✔️Prevent Falls - So you don't slip while doing poses or stretches

✔️Low cut design - So you can wear them with a variety of outfits

✔️Protect your feet from the cold Yoga/Pilates studios in winter

✔️Hygienic - There are some nasty germs on gym floors that you don't want

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Namastay in comfort while moving freely with our Low Cut Barre Grip Socks.

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Want The Perfect Foot Partner For Yoga, Pilates, and Stretching?

These Bondi Pilates™ Barre socks contain a unique combination of grips on both the inside and the outside of the sock,
they make sure you’ll never have to keep adjusting them between barre poses, which will lead to
an extra dose of comfort and safety during your workouts.

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When To Use Your Barre Socks

Barre grip socks are typically worn during barre fitness classes to provide extra grip and stability on the mat.

This can help prevent slipping and sliding during exercises, and can also help protect your feet from contact with the mat.

Barre grip socks can also be worn during other types of fitness classes or activities that involve standing or working out on a mat, such as Yoga or Pilates.

They can be worn on their own or over regular socks, depending on personal preference.

''I don't like wearing my normal socks around the house because they are slippery. These have the no-slip, stability of my shoes, without the effort. Love em!'' - Kerry A. Pilates Enthusiast - Brisbane, Australia

More Reasons To Choose The Barre Grippy socks

Comfortably cut at the ankle with a padded top for easy adjustability, these closed-toe socks protect the entire foot from blisters and bacteria, while the extra-strong PVC non-skid bottom provides superior traction.

Try It, 100% Risk-Free

Try Bondi Pilates completely risk-free for 60 days.

If you don’t feel any improvement in your health or aren’t satisfied with your results, contact our helpful customer support and ask for a full refund.

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25 Minute Full-Body Workout Using The Reformer Bands ($14.95 Value)

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Everything you need to know about using our Reformer Core Bands to give you the best full-body workout to compliment your new years resolutions!

Revealed in the 25 minute video:
- Upper body workouts
- Lower body workouts
- Proper form and technique
- Breathwork/Proper posture

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Happy customers and counting

See what they had to say below!

  • ''This is a great travel exercise accessory to have on hand. I also like to use the Pilates Ring as they pack well in my bag. I bought these reformer bands to use in conjunction with my stability ball and pilates exercises. It is well made and I am happy with my purchase! Great tool for toning arms and legs!''

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Jessie A. - Manchester, United Kingdom

  • For a beginner, this is a challenge at first. I watched some videos that this company provided and I think I am getting the hang of it. First time I did a workout with this and every muscle is sore - but a good sore. Cheers for the muscle soreness haha.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Brianna P. - Melbourne, Australia

  • Adding these bands to your exercise program will help burn even more calories while you tone and shape your entire body. All you need is a small space to do the actual workouts. I use mine to work every part of my body from arms to shoulders, back, core and legs.They provide the workouts via email, so I'm happy so far with just the video workouts.

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Felicia B. - Los Angeles, California

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Questions? We Got You!

How many pairs do you get? 1 or 2?

3 pairs of the same colour

Do you sell larger sizes above 9 US?

We don't as they aren'y as popular

Can I use this item if I'm a beginner?

Yes! You don't need to be an expert as you can simply go online to learn how to use our Bands. It's perfect for beginners, the exercises are simple to do and are effective in toning your entire body!

Do they shrink after washing?


Are they easy to put on with one hand?

Yes, we do this all the time

What are the shipping times?

UK: 8-13 business days
USA: 8-13 business days
AU: 8-13 business days
CAN: 9-16 business days
NZ: 8-13 business days

Tracking number provided on all orders